It is no secret that Google dominates the search engine market. In fact, Google is so powerful that search engines and the term “google” are seamlessly synonymous in speech and writing. By creating a Google Business Profile account (previously known as Google My Business), you instantly list your business or company in the search results. This means all the important information regarding your business, i.e., location, contact information, email, and operation hours, is available on Google Search and Google Maps. A Google Business Profile is essential for every brand, whether it is small or large, operating from home or a swanky office. If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should create a Google Business Profile account. 

  1. Its free and easy to set up

We know that setting up an online business can sometimes be difficult or complicated. Creating a Google Business Profile is simple and free of charge. You can personalize it by constantly updating your business information and adding pictures, offers, posts, and more. 

  1. Google Business Profile optimises your Google business listing. 

Creating a Google Business Profile lands you on Google Search and Google Maps. Each time you update information about your company, you are improving its web presence on Google Maps and Google Search. Anyone who does a quick search for your business will automatically be shown your Google business listing, complete with address, opening hours, phone number, and website, if it is available. You also get to highlight key information that you believe will be beneficial in drawing in potential customers. The nature of contact information is that it adds credibility, and this will be super useful for you when customers are able to easily find and reach you. 

The key takeaway from this, though, is that with Google’s algorithm, Google search contains maps when appropriate that will help connect the most relevant information to the searcher. For example, typing “florist” alone is enough to prompt your business on the results page if the search happens within the same location as your business. This greatly benefits your business by increasing your visibility to anyone. 

  1. Offer customer insight 

With Google Business Profile, you can access customer insights that allow you to learn how customers use Search and Maps to find your listing and how they process this information. It includes views, searches, and actions from both paid and organic search results.  You can also use this information to figure out what your customers want, which helps your business grow. 

  1. Build trust and recognition

With Google Business Profile, anyone will be able to leave a customer review. Customer feedback will help your business gain recognition, build trust, and even help you improve areas where it is lacking. Sincerity and honesty are keys to building trust with customers, showing off these reviews will help your business grow and attract new customers. 

  1. Increase Visibility

As you create your Google Business Profile, your visibility on Google searches increases. Though it may take some time before there are any noticeable changes, running a Google Business Profile listing will really help to boost your company and enhance your organic SEO. Above all, being found is what will bring you customers. So boost your organic SEO by jumping on the Google Business Profile bandwagon. 

In this post-pandemic era, an online presence is absolutely crucial to the future of your business. So, it’s important for your business to stay current and in touch with your customers. At Techwork Studio, we can help your brand’s SEO and online presence in many ways. It can be challenging to remain relevant in the digital realm, which is why we offer our solutions so that you don’t have to worry about it. Get in touch with us here to learn more.